Ramial chip wood mulch

What is a ramial chipped wood?

Ramial chipped wood or RCW is a milled mixture of leaves and ramial wood (stem diameter < 2.75 in), composed predominantly of non-resinous tree species (min. 80% of mix content). This ramial wood has the particular feature of containing young lignin, a material that when incorporated in the soil is easily degraded by moulds and yeasts located at the base of soil food chains.  By inducing a soil fungi population growth, RCW stimulates soil microbial activity and consequently the biological processes responsible for humus production, an organic material playing a critical role in soil productivity.

Why use a RCW mulch ?

Beyond fulfilling the traditional function of a mulch, RCW can be used as a natural soil amendment, an application which…

  • Improves soil structure and aeration;
  • Reduces water and fertilizer use;
  • Helps to maintain a neutral soil pH

About Agro Énergie’s Ramial Chipped Wood

Agro Énergie ramial chipped wood is produced from short-rotation willow coppice, a production method yielding several benefits such as:

  • A homogenous quality;

Not consisting of mixed tree trimmings, a willow RCW curtails the risk of introducing inadvertently detrimental insects and diseases in landscaping works.

  • A resin-free composition;

A 100% deciduous content insures that a Willow RCW’s use does not yield a soil-acidifying effect that can inhibit plant development and growth.

  • A renewable material available year-round.

The growth vigor demonstrated by our willow varieties insures a stable and secured yearly-supply for our regular customers.

Our Willow RCW mulch is available in bulk and 2 cu3 bags. Contact-us today for a price inquiry.

Revitalize your soil : use a willow RCW mulch!