Cuttings & stems

Agro Énergie has a catalogue of over 30 native and hybrid willow varieties including the notable EcoWillow varieties distributed exclusively under license. Our willow varieties are available in 20 cm cuttings or in whole stems from 1 to 4 meters in height.

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About EcoWillow varieties

Concerns over air quality, rural development and energy security have prompted the New York State University to implement in the middle of the 90′s a selection and hybridization program to develop new and improved willow shrub varieties for biomass energy production.

After more than 800 crossings performed in laboratory, this program led to the conduct in 2005 to the field trial of its first generation of promising willow hybrids. These trials demonstrated a significant yield improvement averaging nearly 14% over current commercial varieties. Collectively known as EcoWillow, these new hybrids are now distributed in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes exclusively by Agro Énergie.